A credit card is often required to pay fees and products. What a credit card should bring with it for online use and what is superfluous is explained here.

Which services and features are decisive?

Which services and features are decisive?

A look at the different credit cards quickly shows that there are quite a few differences. In Germany Visa and Mastercard are among the most frequently issued credit cards.

A card that is primarily used on the Internet should always have an additional security code, which must be specified when making an online payment.

In general, most major Internet services, whether Amazon, Google or Apple, accept both Visa and Mastercard. If you choose American Express or Diners, you have rather bad cards here. Literally. Visa and Mastercard are ideal for online payments.

The most important security features

The most important security features

Both Visa and Mastercard provide special security services for online purchases. Below is an overview of the most important data and facts:


Visa provides two different security mechanisms, which protect the customer from misuse and make the use of the card on the Internet more secure. This is a security mechanism that is password-protected when it comes to making payments on the Internet. This will verify the identity of the legitimate card holder.  A payment method that protects the transactions with a personal security code. The code is generated anew for each new action.


The MasterCard credit card also offers a security mechanism to protect transactions on the Internet. The personal security code is requested to complete the payment process. The identity of the cardholder is checked using this authentication method.

Fees and costs – what are the costs?

Fees and costs - what are the costs?

Both free credit cards and cards with annual fees are available on the market. Cards without an annual fee have a high interest rate if the available amount is used and the amount is not offset in one amount. If you want to make partial payments, you should better choose a card with an annual fee. This does not necessarily have to be very high. A comparison of the individual providers helps here.

If you only use the credit card occasionally and pay the amount in one or at most in two installments, you can save the annual fee.

The credit limit – who determines it?

The credit limit - who determines it?

A classic credit card initially provides the cardholder with a credit limit that is set up based on the information on the earnings. If you have a high income, you can assume that the framework can be high at the beginning.

With lower incomes, the credit limit can be increased over time as soon as the credit card institute records a regular settlement of the amounts used.

Prepaid credit cards: the alternative for bargain hunters

Not everyone is taken with the idea of ​​going into debt indirectly through a credit card. While some enjoy the luxury of having to pay the bills later, others value paying the sums immediately. Pre-paid credit cards are recommended for those.

They work like classic credit cards and are also accepted, except that no credit limit is granted here. The available money on the card must be transferred from another account beforehand. So you better keep an overview.
Customers who for some reason are not issued a classic credit card can use this option to take advantage of online services without incurring debt.

Which services are not relevant?

Which services are not relevant?

Travel insurance, discounts for rental cars and bonus points for hotel bookings are rather irrelevant for the primary use for various Internet services such as Netflix or iTunes. Sometimes these additional services cost extra and nobody really uses them.


Both Visa and Mastercard have established themselves as credit card issuers in Germany. In addition to the security features described above, they also enjoy a correspondingly high level of acceptance with the major Internet services, from Amazon, iTunes to Netflix.